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BUNI COFFEE is made from the finest coffee beans grown in the volcanic soils at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro.

The coffee beans come from small mountain side farms, or fincas, where they are picked by hand. The coffee pickers use their skills, expertise and experience to verify the readiness and quality of each cherry.

Thus, it is here, on the lands and in the hands of the coffee farmers, where a GREAT CUP of coffee begins.

Buying BUNI COFFEE means you are supporting a truly local initiative – grown, roasted and packaged by proud local Kilimanjaro Coffee Producers in Tanzania.

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The coffee beans for BUNI COFFEE are bought at an auction conducted by The Tanzania Coffee Board every Thursday during the coffee season (August – April). The Green Coffee sold at the auction comes from small cooperatives of farmers.

For many of them, the coffee business is the only source of income. They rely on fair prices to make ends meet.

We work locally in Moshi (Tanzania) with CHOICE COFFEE CO. Ltd. and purchase our coffee solely from their roastery.

Our friendship with Rose and William from CHOICE COFFEE goes back many years. We founded BUNI COFFEE in Berlin in order to establish a close collaboration, distributing their coffee and thereby supporting local coffee farmers.

The coffee that CHOICE COFFEE buys through the auction comes from the cooperative “Manushi Sinde AMCOS”, which produces high quality green Arabica beans on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

“CHOICE COFFEE is always ready to pay fair prices with premium to ensure we get their coffee. In doing so, we want to satisfy our customers and

at the same time contribute to the economic growth of his cooperative.

As our business continues to grow, we hope to work with more farmers, assisting them to grow their coffee sustainably, and get fair prices by selling their coffee through our partner buyers and roasters.”

choice coffee

The Story of Choice Coffee is the Story of Rose.

Rose A. Swai established Choice Coffee in 2004. Her vision: To create a unique coffee and improve conditions for coffee producers and their families in her homeland Tanzania.

Here Rose tells her story in a short film. And here follows her story in our words:

Rose was born into a family of coffee growers. She grew up at the foot of the Kilimanjaro. Here, on the slopes of Africa’s highest mountain, the fertile volcanic soil gives growth to some of the continent‘s finest coffees.

Rose started as a one-woman-company, buying small amounts of beans from farmers at fair prices, then roast, grind, package and sell the high quality coffee to both, locals and tourists.

Today Choice Coffee is a successful business enterprise, employing more than fifteen people. Coffee beans for Choice Coffee are farmed in cooperatives, handpicked by skilled pickers, and traded at fair prices.

The beans are roasted with love, grinded with

care and packed for long-lasting freshness, a rich aroma and fruity flavour.

Choice Coffee uses only the finest AA-graded Arabica beans. Every packet of Choice Coffee supports local initiatives and helps to let Rose’s vision come true.

about us

We are coffee enthusiasts who have been interested in coffee for many years and love to drink it.

Originally, it was the all-morning cup of coffee that brings life to the body. Today, it is to offer, one of the best coffees from Tanzania in this country. We do this out of conviction, because it is a wonderful coffee and to ensure that as much money as possible stays with the producers from the Tanzanian coffee business.

We met coffee entrepreneurs Rose Swai and her son William Nanyaro in June 2019 through Jennifer and a GIZ (Society for International Cooperation) project in Tanzania that provided advice and support to micro-entrepreneurs with their business in various aspects (marketing, packaging, manufacturing, etc.). On the trip to Moshi at the foot of Kilimanjaro, we wanted to get to know the people who grow our coffee better, to look deeper into the coffee business and to experience the entire value chain – “from the cherry to the cup”.

For ten days, we gained insight into the cultivation of coffee plantations, harvesting, drying, roasting, classification of coffee beans and tasting of coffee, thus getting to know the direct producers and the intensive steps it takes to produce one of the best coffees.

Great personal experience led to our marketing initiative

This personal experience with the people who grow this wonderful, delicious coffee, the knowledge of the diverse work process and the social responsibility towards these people, made us decide to start direct marketing here.

Back in Germany, we set about designing and searching for environmentally friendly packaging. We found sustainable packaging that does not add aluminium and is produced to a certain extent from sugar cane.

In the summer of 2021, we were able to start BUNI COFFEE and our onlineshop after founding a sole proprietorship.

We are excited to see where it goes from here. Rose & William support us and our customers with all their strength so that we can supply our customers with the right bean according to their taste.

We welcome every order, no matter what size, to make Rose’s vision of “creating a unique coffee and improving conditions for coffee producers and their families in their native Tanzania” a reality.

That’s why we support 100% fair trade coffee, directly from the farmer through fair trade.